Apples will make you die early! Don't eat them!

Apples will make you die early! Don't eat them!

Would you ever believe such a statement? what if I showed you a study that correlates eating apples with early death, would you believe it then?

Most people would, then the media will jump on board, Dr. Oz will talk about it on his show, and EVERYBODY will stop eating apples...

We can blame governments, food companies, parents, media, schools etc. all we want, but honestly, we should blame ourselves first for not asking questions, and especially the "why" .

Personally, I have a simple rule: "if I don't see the proof of why and how", I'm not likely to believe it.

For example: many studies out there say XYZ is bad for you because 5000 people who ate it developed heart disease. That's not "proof", that's just a relationship. Tell me "how" XYZ causes heart disease, then I'll buy it...

You should do the same: ask questions, educate yourself, and then make sound decisions.

Your doctor says: stop eating eggs, you will get heart disease. Don't just "accept" it as gospel, but ask why and how, and if you're not convinced, ask again, ask other people, get multiple opinions, then make an educated decision.

Even on obvious matters: "McDonalds is bad for you" shouldn't be taken at face value. Do you know "why" McD is bad for you? What happens in your body when that Big Mac starts getting digested? You should base your decision on that.

If you're interested in "learning how the body works and how different foods impact it", please post questions below and I'll try to address as many as I can.