FAQ for Triathlon Training Plans

How do I purchase a training plan?

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE STEPS CAREFULLY TO PURCHASE A PLAN WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS. In case of any problems, please email triathlon@systemendurance.com 

  1. Click on the "Buy" button corresponding to the plan you wish to buy. A form will pop-up. Add any additional information you would like to include and click Send.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation that your order has been received.
  3. You will then receive an invoice for the training plan(s) you chose, which you can pay via any major credit card or Paypal account.
  4. Once payment is received and within 12 hours, you shall receive an email with a link to set up your Trainingpeaks account (the online software where all your training will be made available).
  5. You will ALSO receive an email which includes a welcome video and a Welcome Pack (in PDF Format) which contains information to help you understand how the plan works, as well as additional helpful information on training, nutrition, heart rate and power zones, and more. 
  6. IMPORTANT: you MUST use the link provided to set up your TP account (it will work even if you have an existing TP account). Do NOT MANUALLY create a separate TP account.
  7. Once done, send an email to triathlon@systemendurance.com with a confirmation that you have created your TP account. Make sure you include a START DATE for the plan you have requested: e.g. I want my 12-week plan to begin on 21 August 2016.
  8. Your training plan will then be uploaded into your TP account within a few hours, and you will receive an email confirmation of the same.
  9. Remember that you can access your TP account from your desktop and iOS and Android TP app. In addition, your can set up your TP to sync with your own calendar. Also: you can set up TP to send you daily emails with your training for the day, so you do not even have to open TP to access your training schedule.
  10. Enjoy the training!


What if I have questions I want to ask before purchasing?

I would never ask you to purchase a plan without getting 100% comfortable with your decision! If you have ANY questions regarding which plan to use and how the plans work, feel free to drop in an email to triathlon@systemendurance.com and we will endeavour to reply ASAP!


Is there a way to get advice and ask questions after purchasing a plan?

All questions can be sent to triathlon@systemendurance.com.

Beginning from August 15, 2016: I will be sending everyone a link to a video twice per month during which I will answer all questions for the benefit of everyone in the community.

(triathletes who purchase a fully customized training plan will have direct access to me to ask questions and get them answered promptly).


Which plan is best for me?

Important Note

  • All of these plans are designed to be "time efficient" and "health-conscious".
  • You will find that these plans contain 30-50% less training hours vs. traditional triathlon plans. 
  • These plans are designed to trigger high levels of fitness adaptation and gains for triathlon while limiting the damaging effects of traditional "high volume" triathlon plans.
  • These plans are based on the same principles and training techniques I use with my full-time athletes, and which have resulted in elite-level performances from sprint distance to Ironman-distance.
  • If you are still unsure about which plan to purchase, don't hesitate to contact us for advice at triathlon@systemendurance.com 

Options Available

At the moment, we are offering 3 different triathlon plans: a 4-month Triathlon Development Plan, a 3-month Beginner Half Ironman Build Plan, and a 3-month Intermediate Half Ironman Build Plan.

In addition, we offer a Fully Customized (Race-Specific) Triathlon Plan (up to 6 months).

EACH of those plans is available as "training only" plan as well as "training & nutrition" plan.

For the "nutrition" version, daily nutrition guidance is provided to match your nutrition for the workout AND for the entire day to trigger the best adaptation, fat-burning capability, faster recovery, and overall health.

The 4-month Triathlon Development Plan is advisable for the following:

  • Triathletes with no major long-distance (half or full ironman) races in the coming 3/4 months.
  • Triathletes focusing on short and middle distances (sprint and Olympic).
  • Beginner or intermediate-level triathletes looking to get fitter and stronger ahead of the next season.
  • Experienced triathletes looking for an "off season" plan that incorporates strength building and working on areas of weakness.
  • If you are new to triathlon but are somewhat active (e.g. going to the gym regularly) and looking to get more serious.

The 3-month Beginner & Intermediate Half Ironman Build Plans are advisable for the following:

  • Triathletes with an existing triathlon "base fitness" looking for a 3-month build towards a half-ironman race.
  • Beginner: targeting a half-ironman time of more than 6 hours.
  • Intermediate: targeting a half-ironman time of between 5:15 and 6:00 hours.

The Fully Customized Triathlon Plan

  • Triathletes looking to design a training plan bespoke to them personally, taking into account their current state of fitness, goals, races, health considerations, weight considerations, nature of the courses & races (e.g. hilly, flat, hot, etc.) and more.
  • The plan will be designed after extensive discussions with the athlete.


You are saying that these plans contain less hours vs. regular plans. Won't I get less fit?

Absolutely not. These plans are designed based on extensive sport-science research and testing with numerous athletes.

These plans are designed on the basis of "triggering adaptation". 

For example: a 6-hour bike ride triggers an adaptation in the body which develops muscular endurance. However, studies have shown that you can trigger the SAME muscular adaptation with a 3-hour bike ride combined with strength efforts. The result is that you get the SAME adaptation, with faster recovery, less inflammation, and which means you can train harder the next day.


What will a Trainingpeaks account cost me?

Trainingpeaks has 2 types of athlete accounts: Basic and Premium. You will need the Premium in order to plan "future" workouts. The basic only allows you to record workouts you have already completed.

Here is a comparison between basic and premium.

Why do you not have full Ironman plans?

I believe that a proper preparation for a full ironman requires much more insight that a training plan, taking into account:

  • Individual levels of starting fitness.
  • Digestive health.
  • Sleep health.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Training load capacity.
  • Specific requirements for the particular ironman race you are targeting.
  • Specific areas of weakness between the 3 sports.
  • Current state of overall body strength and muscle density (which protects you from the heavy loads of ironman training & racing).
  • Much much more.

As a result, I refuse to create "generic" ironman training plans and will only design plans specific to the individual and race being considered.

If you are interested, you can opt for the Fully Customized Triathlon Training Plan.

What if I have special requirements such as previous injuries or hormonal, metabolic or nutrition requirements?

Such factors can be taken into account when designing a Fully Customized Triathlon Training Plan if you opt for one.