Triathlon Training Plans

Thank you for your interest in our Triathlon Training Plans.

You can visit our FAQ page to find out if those plans work for you and WHICH of the plans is best suited for your current level of fitness, goals, and other parameters.


12-Week Half-Ironman Build Plans

You will have the option to chose between the following plans currently available:

  • 12-week Intermediate Build Plan (for a target 70.3 time between 5:15 and 6:00).
  • 12-week Intermediate Build & Nutrition Plan.
  • 12-week Beginner Build Plan (for a target 70.3 time over 6:00).
  • 12-week Beginner Build & Nutrition Plan.


16-Week Triathlon Development Plan

A 4-month plan to develop overall triathlon fitness and full-body strength.

This plan is suitable as a stand-alone plan and can be combined with a 70.3 Build plan to optimize your build towards a half ironman.

This plan also works as a suitable off-season plan for experienced triathletes or those looking to work on areas of weakness.

A "training + nutrition" version is also available.


Customised Triathlon & Nutrition Plan

Plan designed individually for the athlete, taking into account your current state of fitness, goals, races, health considerations, weight considerations, nature of the courses & races (e.g. hilly, flat, hot, etc.) and more.

The plan will be designed after extensive discussions with the athlete.

If you are interested in a customised triathlon plan, please contact us.

Price: $600 Training Plan - $700 Training & Nutrition Plan.