Intro and Week 1


Week 1 Training Plan & Exercises

  • Please do the following workouts "in order".
  • If unable to do a workout (because of work, family, illness), just skip it and move on to the next (do not try to catch up).
  • Any QUESTIONS: please post on the Facebook page so everyone can benefit from the answer.

Workouts - Week 1

Day 1: Flexibility Yoga - 20-30min.
Day 2: Power-focused Run - 30-45min.
Day 3: Speed-focused Swim - 25-45min.
Day 4: Endurance-focused Pull-ups - 15-20min.
Day 5: Endurance-focused Row 30-40min.
Day 6: Easy Recovery run or walk - 30min.
Day 7: Flexibility Yoga - 20-30min..

Exercise Descriptions & Instructions

Flexibility Yoga - 20-30min

What you will need: a laptop/tablet, mattress or soft surface (grass), somewhere quiet (e.g. park).

Power-focused Run - 30-45min (hill repeats)

What you will need: treadmill or a hilly road, water to hydrate.

Stay mentally focused on the task at hand, and always ALWAYS maintain good running form.

**WARMUP** - 10min easy jog - 3min walking up and down the hill

**MAIN SET** All of these should be done at YOUR OWN maximum SUSTAINABLE speed with GOOD FORM!!!

  • 5min at 5% incline, 2min rest
  • 4min at 4% incline (faster speed), 2min rest
  • 3min at 3% incline (faster still), 2min rest
  • 2min at 2% incline (even faster!), 2min rest,
  • Level 2 only: 4min at 4% incline (same speed as first 4%) 

Speed-focused Swim - 25-35min

What you will need: pool or sea/lake, adequate swimsuit. Type of stroke does not matter, freestyle is preferable.

**WARMUP** - 5min easy swim - 2x1min sprints with plenty of recovery


(all with 15 seconds of rest between each)

  • 5x1min at your max speed.
  • 1x2min at your max speed.
  • 5x1min at your max speed.
  • 1x4min at your max speed.
  • 5x1min at your max speed.
  • Level 2 only: 1x6min at your max speed.
  • Level 2 only: 5x1min at your max speed.

Endurance-focused Pull-ups - 15-20min

What you will need: a pull-up bar (a stool/chair to step on if Level 1).

Exercise: complete 10 sets of 3 dead-hang pull-ups. See video for demonstration.

  • Level 1: use stool/chair to step up on or jump up, and resist on the way down (second part of video).
  • Level 2: 10x3 strict pull-ups (first part of video).

Endurance-focused Row 30-40min

What you will need: rowing machine.

NOTE: Full range of motion: go all the way to the front and pull all the way to the back. Keep shoulders back. See video.

**WARMUP**: 5min easy rowing, gradually going harder every minute. 2min complete rest.


  • Level 1: 3x8min row w/2min rest. Effort level: 8/10.
  • Level 2: 4 or 5 x8min row w/2min rest. Effort level: 8/10.
  • Effort level 8/10: means breathing hard but "still under control". If using heart rate monitor: Mid-Zone 3.

Easy Recovery run or walk - 30min

What you will need: a place to run/walk or treadmill set at 1% incline.

  • Exercise: run or walk for 30min as long as you can COMFORTABLY breath through your NOSE the entire time. If you can't, slow down.
  • The purpose is to RECOVER, so don't push it.
  • Effort level: 3/10: means breathing through nose only. If using heart rate monitor: Zone 1.