Why become a part of System Endurance?

Simply – our system endurance coaches will completely de-mystify the process of optimizing your overall health and performance.  We often see clients who have been struggling with chronic weight gain for years, and who have tried every “diet and fitness regime” in the book.  Instead of just focusing one element of lifestyle – such as your exercise routine, we are there to provide you with a fully holistic approach to managing several key aspects of your life: nutrition, exercise/training regime, time and stress management and to even help you overcome any psychological boundaries that may be inhibiting your progress. This is our secret to success! Through changing behavioural and thought patterns and slowly phasing in small yet crucial lifestyle changes, we are certain we can have a positive impact on your health and well-being.

How much will it cost?

Although we have a standard price list, we have chosen not to list the prices on our website because we prefer to tailor each package to suit the individual.  For instance, clients looking for a sports specific package may have different sporting and training goals that will require a different level of commitment from our side.  If you are interested in any of the packages, please contact us to find out more.

What is the duration of each coaching package?

Our packages are on a monthly rolling basis. As mentioned previously, our philosophy is to slowly introduce important key changes into your daily routine to see you looking and performing better at every level. If we were to do this over a period of a few weeks, you would be faced with too many things to focus on all at once, and chances are, you wouldn’t be able to stick to them. Quickly, you’d be reverting back to your usual habits. Seeing true change, and ensuring it lasts a lifetime is going to take at least a couple of months.  This is why we insist upon a minimum commitment of three months for all of our coaching and wellness packages. We don’t want you to give up, just as you are about to see some real progress!  You will never see us advertise an “6-week body transformation package”; or a “lose 10lbs in 10 days” program, because in our experience (and proven my multiple scientific studies), they simply don’t work long term.  You may lose weight initially, but a few months down the line, you are likely to have gained back the weight you lost, and maybe more! If you are looking for a very rapid, quick fix (and probably temporary) solution to weight loss – this is not the package for you!

Do I really need a coach?  Can’t I find a cheaper training plan online?

Whether you wish to hire a coach is really a personal choice, and depends upon the level of support you are looking for. An online training plan is very different from having a coach.  You can pull many $10 “couch to sprint triathlon” training plans off the internet quite easily.  The coaching experience under Team System Endurance is very different. You will receive an in depth initial consultation where we gather as much information as possible regarding your current lifestyle. We will listen to your goals and aspirations, take into account any current or previous history of illness or injury, look and what you are currently eating, and then formulate a specific plan tailored to your needs.  Each week we will review your progress and set a plan for the following week based on your feedback. If any issues crop up along the way, such as injury niggles, “how to” questions, or a stressful period at work, we will be there to guide you through, ensuring you remain on track towards achieving your goals.   You will have 24 hour access to your designated coach and they are here to help you – every step of the way!

What benefits will I get from joining Team S.E?

You will have access to your designated coach 24 hours per day for help and advice.  You will receive a reply to most questions instantly (or within a few hours at most).  You will also receive:

  • A 2-hour full consultation with your coach (either in person or over Skype depending upon your location. 
  • Short and long term goal setting with your coach
  • A weekly training program that details each session, along with its purpose, format and instructions
  • A free weekly group strength session
  • Occasional free coach-led swim classes or spin-bike classes
  • A weekly performance review and feedback
  • Instruction on proper biomechanics for swim/bike/run (triathletes) or your chosen sport
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Injury prevention guidance
  • Advice on equipment, kit, choosing races, race planning and execution
  • Full-time access to your coach via mobile/text, email, carrier pigeon, etc.
  • A free private one-on-one session when you first join (for UAE based members only)
  • The opportunity to meet, interact and train with amazing people, with goals very similar to yours

I don't live in the UAE, can I still join System Endurance?

 Yes! Depending on the service you require, we are able to work with non-UAE based athletes. We would be interested to hear from you regardless of your location to discuss how we might be of service.  We prefer not to offer full triathlon and endurance coaching to clients outside of the UAE as we are unable to perform certain tests, such as: postural assessments and biomechanical evaluations.  If we are not controlling every aspect of your training, we cannot ensure that the likelihood of becoming injured is minimized.  For clients interested in wellness packages, we are happy to provide this service where-ever you are in the world.

I don’t know which coaching package is right for me - what should I do?

If you are not sure, it’s probably best to contact us so we can advise you properly.  Be sure to include a brief summary of what you are doing at present (if anything) and what your goals are.

I have a specific illness/injury; is there anything you can do to help me?

Its possible. We have a number of clients who have been successfully rehabilitated from sprts injuries, or who have an illness or disease process taht has improved or eradicated as a result of our coaching. Obviously it will depend on the nature and severity of the condition. As we are not human medical professionals, we always suggest working closely in conjunction with a trusted physician or sports rehabilitation professional while we get you back on track.  Again, we recommend that you contact us to provide further information.



What is triathlon?

Triathlon is a sport that consists of swimming, cycling and running done consecutively and without a break.  Some say that triathlon is the fastest growing sport in the world today, eclipsing running in terms of number of new participants every year.

How fit do I have to be to participate in triathlon?

You need a reasonable level of fitness to participate in a triathlon, but you will see people of all shapes and sizes taking part! So don't hesitate!

Will I be able to finish a triathlon?

With a little bit of training (and barring major illness or injury) yes you can!

How fit do I need to be to start training?

You can start training NOW regardless of your level of fitness. Barring major injury, Triathlon is accessible to people of all fitness levels.

But i can't swim!!

If I had a penny for every time I heard this comment :-). In fact, I uttered the same comment when I started in the sport myself!
Swimming is all about learning the proper technique - so a few lessons in the pool and you'll be good to go! You will be surprised at how quickly you will pick it up with the right guidance!

Ok, but I haven't ridden a bike in 20 years!

You will find that many of your friends in triathlon came into the sport not knowing how to swim, not having ridden a bike in years, and not having run more than a few Kms on the treadmill. I know, I was one of them!!

So how "long" is a triathlon anyway?

Well that's the beauty of the sport! Just like running, Triathlon comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact, people can create their own version of a triathlon race with their own pick of distances for each of the 3 sports.

Having said that, there are some "common" race distances:

- Super Sprint: Swim 375m, Bike 10Km, Run 2.5Km
- Sprint: Swim 750m, Bike 20Km, Run 5Km
- Olympic: Swim 1,500m, Bike 40Km, Run 10Km,
- Half Ironman: Swim 1,900m, Bike 90Km, Run 21.1Km
- Ironman: Swim 3,800m, Bike 180Km, Run 42.2

Then you have races like our "local" Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, which offers its own set of distances:

- Sprint: Swim 750m, Bike 50Km, Run 5Km
- Short: Swim 1,500m, Bike 100Km, Run 10Km
- Long: Swim 3,000m, Bike 200Km, Run 20Km

Will I lose weight training for and participating in triathlon?

While of course there are no guarantees, I have yet to see anyone not lose "fat" when training and racing in endurance sports!

Will I meet great people when training and racing?

Are you kidding?? That's one of the main attractions of the sport! Triathletes are renowned for being some of the nicest most sociable people out there!

Is participating in triathlon expensive?

Well it can be as expensive as you want to make it :-)

You can train and race perfectly well on a $1,500 bike, or you could go all out and spend $10,000 or more on a carbon fibre racing monster!  You can chose to race locally only, or you could pick races in beautiful locations around the world and make a holiday out of them!  The choice will always be yours!

So what's the best part about triathlon?

Oh where do we begin, the list is endless. Off the top of my head?
- Watching a beautiful sunrise as you ride your bike in the morning (how many people get to see that?)
- Coffee and breakfast with a great group of like-minded people after a sea swim on Saturday morning
- Becoming fitter than you've ever been in your life and having fun in the process!
- The crazy after parties at some legendary races (just Google Phuket Triathlon!!)
- The always smiling and supportive nature of triathletes everywhere in the world!
- The smug look you'll have on your face when you walk in to work in the morning, seeing sleepy eyes everywhere, and knowing that you had been up for hours and had cycled 40Km while they were still in bed nursing a hangover ;-)