New study: does weight lifting help with bone density?

New study shows that resistance training is a MUST for healthy bone density, even if you run a lot.

In a recent article, I talked about how runners have a higher bone density than cyclists or rowers, and that weightlifters tend to have the highest density of all.

I talked about it in the context of “why I love box jumps” (

In today’s article, I want to talk about a new study that published by the University of North Texas, and which compared bone density in runners who lift weights regularly vs. runners who don’t.

The subjects of the study were healthy young male runners (ages 22-32).

The results of the study were clear: runners who lifted weights regularly have significantly higher bone density as well as higher Vitamin D levels than the runners who “just ran”.

Bone density is one of the biggest health obstacles we face in today’s modern lifestyle because we spend so much time sitting, so knowing how to boost your bone density through training, nutrition and supplementation is key.

In terms of training, what I personally do is “cycle” my training to ensure I cover all areas that I consider a “must” for any human being to be able to do.

I will spend a few weeks in each of those areas, such as:

Long distance endurance (ability to swim/run/cycle/row/hike for long distances without getting fatigued).

Power endurance (ability to sustain a fast speed for 10-20min in swim/bike/run/row/circuit).

Sprinting (ability to go swim/cycle/run/row “fast”).

Strength (ability to lift, pull and push heavy weights).

Explosiveness (ability to jump & throw).

Flexibility (enough to never “pull a muscle” when making a false movement).

I will often combine some of those into a session: box jumps with rowing, running and explosiveness.

Link to the study: