Do you wear a "special character" at work? You should

Do you wear a "special character" at work?

Is there a "work version" and a "non work" version of you?

If not, then there should be.

At work, you should be focused on one thing and one thing only: progressing your career.

Does this mean you have to be mean and mistreat people? Absolutely not!!

But this means that you have to "put yourself first".

As selfish as it may sounds, everyone at at your work is doing the exact same thing.

You can be helpful to your colleagues (and you should).

You can be respectful of your colleagues (and you should).

You can put your clients first and make sure they're well taken care of (and you should).

You can tutor, teach, and mentor more junior colleagues (and you definitely should).


But ultimately, all of these steps are designed to achieve one primary purpose: to advance your career.

You may say: "but I'm a cancer researcher, my ultimate purpose is to develop a cure."

Or "I'm a teacher, and my ultimate purpose if to pass on knowledge".

That may very well be true. 

Believe me, I know: teaching is my passion, and I spend a lot of time (and have done so since being a teenager) teaching and mentoring younger people.

However, I can afford to do that almost for free because I have other sources of income.

If your passion is also your primary sources of income and you don't put "career success" as a priority, you will not be able to fulfil your passion to its fullest potential.

If you're a teacher, you will not be given bigger classes.

If you're a cancer researcher, you will not get the visibility you need to get the grants to fund your research.


This is why you should be wearing a "special character" at work.

This is your "work superhero costume and character".

However for the vast majority of people, this "work character" is the EXACT OPPOSITE of who you need to be with your friends and at home.

Your "work character" puts "you first".

Your "home character" does the opposite: it puts your family first.

Your "home character" focuses on taking care of your loved ones, on making them happy.

Your "work character" wants to bring the work stress back home.

Your "home character" wants to stop this from happening. It wants you to open the door to your house with a BIG smile on your face, NO MATTER how bad the day went at work.

Your family does not deserve the burden of your "work stress" inside the house.

Make your home a "work stress free zone". Work stress is NOT ALLOWED inside those walls.

How can you achieve that? Well I made a whole video about this! 

You can watch it here.