Why getting nutrition advice from doctors is not the best idea

10 to 24 HOURS in 6 YEARS of medical school.

That's how much time medical students spend on studying nutrition at medical school (according to medical students in the UK).

At the same time, one of the UK's leading doctors says that 80% (yes, 80%) of her patients suffer from lifestyle diseases (caused by poor diet and exercise habits).

This is an extremely common problem I repeatedly bring up on my channels: modern medicine is amazing at treating acute diseases and treating trauma (injury).

However modern medicine does NOT trail medical doctors in PREVENTION: not letting the disease appear in the first place!

Nutritionists are usually the second point of calling for people. Given their extensive education in nutrition, they would certainly help in helping you manage lifestyle conditions.

However I remain of the view that this is not sufficient: the majority of nutrition courses at universities all over the world still rely on 20-year old science heavily influenced by the food lobbies (predominantly in the US).

There are exceptions of course: nutritionists who remain up to date and continue to read all the latest research on a regular basis.

The optimal source of information in my mind is "functional medicine practitioners" and "naturopathic doctors". Their studies combine the biochemistry of the human body with looking at the human body as a complete system, and not a collection of different organs (as modern medicine does).

Ultimately, the responsibility of educating yourself falls mostly on you: with information at your fingertips in the age of the internet, there is no excuse to educating yourself on how best to optimise your life.

This is why I create all this content on my website/FB/YouTube: to learn and pass on the information to you.

Link to the BBC Article: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-43504125