Are common items in your home causing you to gain weight?

As I’ve often talked about in various articles & videos, fat gain or loss is a biochemical process.

This means that it is controlled by hormones in our body.

When certain hormones are at a certain level, our body stores fat. When levels change, it may let go of that fat.

For example, when insulin is chronically elevated, we gain fat. When cortisol (stress hormone) is chronically high, we also gain fat (see links at the bottom if you want to find out more).

Of course, certain hormones (e.g. Thyroid hormones) are really powerful and control our overall metabolism.

When our main thyroid hormone (T3) is out of balance, it may cause our overall metabolism to be too high (we loose fat) or too low (we gain fat).

Hormone balances are impacted by a wide range of things, including:

  • The foods we eat: not how much calories are in the food, but the chemical composition of the food itself.
  • Our stress levels: both physical and mental / emotional stress.
  • Sleep duration and quality.
  • Beauty products: the majority of beauty products (perfumes, makeup, etc) contain phytoestrogens (fake oestrogen) which disrupt a woman’s oestrogen levels. Too much oestrogen causes fat gain.
  • Household items: a wide range of common household items contain chemicals which disrupt hormones in the human body, ESPECIALLY in women.

In fact, a large new study demonstrated how chemicals in items such as non-stick cooking pans (we never use those at home), modern furniture, carpets, food wrappers (etc) lead to fat gain because they disrupt oestrogen balances.

These chemicals work by slowing down the human metabolism, especially in women.

They also affect men of course: men in modern societies suffer from low testosterone and high oestrogen, which increases the risk of heart disease, muscle loss, and obesity.


Always use all-natural beauty products, ask about chemicals before buying furniture or carpets, stay away from pre-wrapped industrial foods and non-stick pans, and get your hormones tested at least once a year (I to a comprehensive blood test of all biomarkers are least twice per year).

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