Contaminated Fish Oil increase cancer risk (which normally FO protects against)

Fish oil is one of the most consumed supplements worldwide, and for the right reasons.

Omega 3 from fish oil or eating fatty fish has multiple benefits, including lowering inflammation, lowering risk of heart disease, and protection against many forms of cancer.

This new study published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that fish oil contaminated with pesticides and PCBs (a very common pollutant in our seas) actually INCREASED risk of cancer, completely eliminating the normal “protective” effects of fish oil against cancer growth.

I’m always a bigger fan of obtaining my Omega 3 from eating organic / wild caught fatty fish (sardines, salmon), which I do 7-8x per week.

I will only take fish oil supplements during period of high stress and when I am not able to eat enough fish.

When I do take a fish oil supplement, I make sure it’s a high quality cold processed fish oil obtained from wild caught fish.

Does this completely eliminate the risk of pollutants in the fish oil? Unfortunately not, because virtually all of our seas are not polluted.

Nevertheless, wild caught fish tend to swim far away from shore and in deep waters, so the concentration of pollutants is (hopefully) lower.