UAE Doctors blame pesticides for rise in diseases

Even though the UAE banned the import of fruits and vegetables from 5 different countries (Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen) due to dangerously high pesticide content, doctors in the UAE have raised the alarm once again.

Doctors in the UAE have linked a significant rise in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases to pesticides.

This is not all that surprising since pesticides and herbicides (chemically designed to kill living organisms) are carcinogenic (classified as Group 2A) and are certainly detrimental to health.

Advocates of the use of pesticides state that they are safe if used at “safe levels”.

However you have to bear in mind that “safe levels” are based on “one-time use”. But if you’re eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis (as you should), then your body is storing more and more of those pesticides (and herbicides) on a daily basis, leading to a variety of health problems.

In fact, studies have shown that some of those chemicals (such as the commonly used Glyphosate) actually change the structure of proteins within your body (by replacing the amino acid Glutamine with a synthetic one), leading to malfunctioning proteins. And if you’ve been a follower of this website/page for a while, you would know that proteins are responsible for virtually every function in our body, and when they start misbehaving, they directly impact health.

In our home, we strive to eat organic as often as possible, and when this is not a viable option, we make sure we wash our fruits and vegetables with organic solutions designed to (at least partially) eliminate pesticides & herbicides.