3x higher risk of suicide among Bariatric Surgery patients

I have to admit that this new study was very disturbing for me to read.

This study published in 2017 revealed something disturbing: out of 1100 obese patients, 400 underwent bariatric surgery, while 700 did not.

Of course, the 400 bariatric patients did lose a significant amount of weight over the coming 12 years. 

However the disturbing part is that there were 7 suicides among the 400 patients, but NONE among the (also obese) 700! So there is clearly something among the bariatric patients who is increasing the risk of suicide. 

And also note that the 7 patients the study is referring to are those who have passed away from the suicide attempt, and does not include those who attempted suicide overall.

Another study, published in 2016 in Sweden, demonstrated that people who underwent Bariatric Surgery for weight loss purposes were almost 3 times (300%) more likely to commit suicide than those people (also overweight people) who didn’t.

Obviously there is an issue there and that doctors have an obligation to highlight this as a risk for patients before recommending surgery.

You can read more about it (including references to other studies which have shown the same conclusions) here.