New Study: Resveratrol impact on blood sugar control

I’ve had a bottle of Resveratrol on our kitchen counter for a couple of years now.

Research I’ve read over the years has me convinced of the life-extending and blood-sugar managing capabilities of this natural compound (similar to Berberine, which I also keep at home).

I struggle to maintain my blood glucose level under control, despite my “low carb” eating lifestyle. This is due to a variety of factors, including genetic pre-disposition to Type 2 Diabetes as well as living in a high stress environment.

Resveratrol made headline news a couple of years ago when the media claimed that wine can help control blood glucose and extend life because it contains Resveratrol.

This is 100% false! The amount of Resveratrol needed to make a significant difference (in scientific studies) was around 100mg. You would need to drink a number of BOTTLES of wine to even get close to that amount. The negative health consequences of drinking that much would far outweigh any benefits you would get from the Resveratrol (and the anti-oxidants people hype on about in wine for that matter).

This is why supplementation is really the only method that works.

This new meta-study looked at 9 different studies (283 subjects in total) which looked at the effect of supplementing with Resveratrol on blood glucose and insulin sensitivity in people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

This study showed that Resveratrol significantly improved blood glucose levels as well as insulin levels. It also had a beneficial effect on blood pressure and insulin resistance (clearly a direct result of the lower blood glucose levels).

This study also showed that a higher dose (100mg/day) yielded a better result.

Bottom Line: if you suffer from high blood glucose and you’re already doing all the right things on the diet and exercise front, and if you’ve made the adequate lifestyle adjustments (sleep quality, stress management, etc), then you might want to look into supplementing with Resveratrol.

I’ve included Resveratrol in my Supplement Guide, which you can get for free by clicking on the button below.