A mother's B12 deficiency led to dangerous B12 deficiency in baby

This medical case should be a wake-up call for all parents, and especially those mothers on vegan or vegetarian diets, or those who have a history of B12 deficiency.

In this particular case, a 9-month hold baby girl was admitted to hospital with serious symptoms which were caused by a severe Vitamin B12 deficiency.

The deficiency was caused by one major factor: the baby’s mother was deficient in B12 during pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy when the baby’s main source of food was the mother’s milk.

As evidenced by this case, B12 deficiency in infants severely impacts the baby’s development, elevated levels of inflammation in addition to potentially life-threatening conditions.

The baby’s development resumed normally after the administration of B12 injections.

In this particular case, the mother’s B12 deficiency was apparently “hidden” behind an iron deficiency: an iron deficiency can result in doctors inaccurately linking the mother’s B12 deficiency to the iron deficiency, while in reality the B12 deficiency could run much deeper and be caused by several other factors.

Also, remember that while the baby is breastfeeding, it is 100% dependent on the mother’s milk to obtain its nutrients, which include B12.

Vegans and vegetarians are at a much higher risk of B12 deficiencies, and therefore should consult medical professionals to ensure that those deficiencies are addressed prior to, during, and after pregnancy.