Health & Fitness Digest - September 28

In today's digest:

- The sugar industry paid scientists to blame fat for heart disease.
- Is the iPhone 7 potentially dangerous for your brain?
- Glyphosate found in childhood vaccines!
- The FDA finally bans a toxic compound found in most anti-bacterial soaps (avoid them!)


The sugar industry paid scientists to blame fat for heart disease!

Well, a “nuclear bomb” exploded in the world of nutrition this month, with the discovery of historical documents which highlighted how in the late 1960s the Sugar Lobby in the US PAID money to various leading scientists to point the blame at Fat and not Sugar for cardiovascular / heart disease.

One of those scientists who got paid became the Head of Nutrition at the USDA and created the “nutritional guidelines” which remained in force for decades, driving people to avoid fat and leading to a massive shift towards “carb-heavy diets”.

Of course now we know that this resulted in an explosion on obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in every decade since then.

It’s not all bad news however, as the most recent dietary guidelines have started to shift, removing limits on the recommended consumption of fat as well as dietary cholesterol (as evidence now shows that there is no link between cholesterol from food and cholesterol in your bloodstream).


Is the iPhone 7 potentially dangerous for your brain?

Apple just launched its latest iPhone, the iPhone 7. Among its various technological breakthroughs, the new iPhone does NOT have a headphone jack!

This means that the only way to use earphones is by using “wireless” earphones (although there is an exception, which I’ll talk about below).

Of course, Apple also introduced their own “wireless” earphones, and therein lies the problem!

The Apple wireless earphones work by sending a Bluetooth signal from the phone to ONE of the earphones, and then the signal is sent from this earphone directly to the OTHER earphone in the other ear.

This means that the signal from one earphone to the other is going RIGHT THROUGH your brain!

Many will argue that Bluetooth radiation is “very low power” and “perfectly safe”.

I’m not paranoid and I use Bluetooth devices all the time.

But there is a difference between using a Bluetooth device “from time to time” and using one “continuously” with a signal that goes “right THROUGH the brain”.

Yes, it is true that there are no studies that show a health risk from Bluetooth. But guess what, there are no studies that show that there are NO health risks either!

As we say in the world of science: the absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence.

In other words, just because you don’t see something (potential long-term damage from Bluetooth radiation), it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Now Apple does offer an adapter which allows you to use regular earphones plugged into the main charging port of the phone. But this means that you can’t charge your phone and use those earphones at the same time, which is a problem for someone like me who spends his day listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or on conference calls.


Glyphosate found in childhood vaccines!

Glyphosate is the most common herbicide on the planet: it was developed decades ago by Monsanto and is sprayed on commercially grown fruits and vegetables all over the world.

I’ve talked about glyphosate before, highlighting the evidence that it presents a serious health risk for humans: after all, how can someone created in a lab for the specific purpose of “killing” certain types of plants be healthy for humans?

I’m not going to get into this now, since I’ve talked about it before. However, the disturbing news I came across last week was the following: new research reveals that glyphosate has been detected in childhood vaccines!

Monsanto’s herbicide was discovered in a variety of common vaccines, including the MMR vaccine (made by Merck), Dtap Adacel (Sanofi Pasteur), Influenza(Novartis), HepB (Glaxo Smith Kline), among others.

Until governments take action on this matter (the issue has been highlighted to the CDC in the US), my advice would be to seek medical advice and perhaps consider vaccines not included in the list of those contaminated with Glyphosate.


The FDA finally bans a toxic compound found in most anti-bacterial soaps (avoid them!)

Our obsession with cleanliness has led to an explosion of chemical anti-bacterial soaps (liquids and regular) over the past 2 decades.

As human beings, we developed in a world filled with bacteria. We have a symbiotic relationship where we benefit from them to develop stronger immune systems, a better (more diversified and health) gut microbiome, and much more.

The obsession of anti-bacterial soaps is one of the many ways we put a stop to that “natural evolution”, which is partially responsible for the significant increase in “drug resistant bacteria”, a major source of serious health concerns according to the WHO.

After consistent lobbying by researchers and health groups, the FDA has finally banned a toxic chemical used in MOST anti-bacterial soaps:  the chemical in question is called Triclosan (please read ingredients labels and AVOID AT ALL COSTS).

Triclosan has been linked to endocrine (hormonal) disruption in men, women and children. In addition, it has been found in common toothpastes and beauty products, as well as soaps of course. Again, please read ingredient labels and AVOID!

Here is a list of common products which contain Triclosan, including soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics, deodorants, and more.