Why today's gym session was "special"

I hit a new PR today. 100kg on the 5x5 squat, 1.3x my current bodyweight (76Kg).

There is a REASON I'm bringing this up.

7 years ago, I weighed 96Kg.

Then I got into triathlon, and completed 2 Ironman races among others.

I dropped to 82Kg, and was still overweight despite the 15-20 HOURS of training per WEEK and "dieting"!

At the same time, I was frequently injured, frequently sick, wasn't sleeping well, and never felt really HEALTHY.

I am the OPPOSITE of "genetically gifted". I wasn't much of an athlete growing up, and I've struggled with keeping my weight down throughout my 20s and early 30s.

Something changed 3 years ago.

I shifted my entire approach to fitness then: I dug deep into the SCIENCE of sports physiology, biochemistry (HOW the body works), nutrition and more, capitalizing on my background as a pre-med in college.

After 3 years of developing & testing my new approach to training & nutrition, I've achieved the following:

1. At 38 years old, I'm STRONGER / lifting heavier than I ever have in my life.

2. I feel that I can tackle WHATEVER physical demands life throws at me, whether it's carrying a heavy pack up a mountain, swimming long distances in the sea, or completing another Ironman triathlon.

3. I'm running FASTER than I did when I was training exclusively for triathlon. In fact, I'm the fastest I've ever been over ALL DISTANCES, from 5km to 21km+.

4. My body COMPOSITION is the best it's ever been.

5. I LOOK better than I ever have.

6. I'm SLEEPING better.

7. My BLOOD tests & HORMONES are better than ever.

But most importantly: I'm doing it all on a THIRD of the training volume I did when I was training for triathlon: my focus is "science-based quality" over "quantity".

Have I stopped triathlon? Absolutely NOT. I still LOVE the sport. I just became very aware that training for one sport ONLY is NOT the best way to attain optimal health and physical capabilities necessary for any human being.

The reason I'm saying all this is because: IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!

Like I said, I'm the OPPOSITE of being genetically gifted.

In addition, my DAILY to do list has over 20 things on it, and they all get done. I make no excuses and I FIND WAYS to make it work.

I DO NOT believe in attaining peak physical fitness at the expense of health, family, social relationships, self-development, career, or anything else.

We need ALL of these to achieve HIGH PERFORMANCE in "LIFE".

If it works for me, it will work for you!

NEVER ACCEPT anyone telling you that "you're just born this way", or that "you have a slow metabolism", or whatever else people might tell you to have you accept your current condition.

LEARN and ASK QUESTIONS: if whatever your coach/trainer/nutritionist is telling you isn't working, EDUCATE yourself and find someone else!

Never settle: there is ALWAYS a higher level you can aim for.